About The Blog

Namasté and welcome to the Missing Wanderer blog. This blog was started on a rainy day of a late summer month when it was decided that photographs should be shared and the thoughts inside my head needed some place to come alive.

This site has grown into a lifestyle based journal since then, combining daily inspiration, travel and trips, my deep admiration for literature and art and living a mindful, conscious, authentic life. Expect to see captured moments of her life, lots of lists, recommendations, news about her work and unexplained randomness.

The name Missing Wanderer was chosen because I think we all can relate to feeling like we're hopelessly wandering around in life trying to find ourselves as we get lost to be found. It is also inspired by the quote, "Not all who wander are lost".

Missing Wanderer is usually worked on and created from a coffee shop table by the window with view on pedestrians and a cup of caramel latte. Although I mostly work on the blog on my own, I always appreciate thoughts submitted by readers and guest bloggers. 

My Journey In Pictures

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