Why I don't give a f*ck about online presence standards


Gorgeous drawing by Günseli Sepici

Okay wow, so that title is not very nice and it's harsh coming from, well, a young woman that is presenting herself online. But you know what? I don't give two shreds of fucks because I will just say what I have to say and why? Because I can and because I'm in the position to do so. I don't know when this started honestly. As a daily user of social media and everything that comes with it, I am thoroughly consumed by it like everyone else, though I am a bit immune when it comes to authenticity online.

Social media displays the truth on bare pixels: the happy, rich and successful ones are taking over the world and influencing audiences bigger than ever before. Ridiculous algorithms take over and replace good old authentic talent and personal strength in visuals.

What has this space become? Everything is homogenised, monetised to the point you can't even trust anymore whether people really do like the products they rave about or whether they're, you know, blinded by easy dollars.

And feelings? Personal struggles? Put that aside, no one wants to know about that. That shit is too personal, too deep, too stressful, too depressing, too controversial. Everyone fancies jealousy and materialism, "goals" everything. And are we ever heard, the ones that voice their opinions, their daily realisations big and small? Are we ever heard, the ones that screw filters and show themselves exactly as they are?

Why do pictures get deleted when there aren't enough "likes"? Are you kidding me? Why do people find it weird of me to post multiple photos a day? Well I apologize for the spam but I am honestly, genuinely doing this for myself.

Since when has being popular and pretty and exciting and perfect have become the new "relatable"? Where is the personality? Where is the uniqueness when everyone is doing and saying the same thing? What is the point where all you do is agree? Where is the communication and discussion, which is by the way, the actual point of this whole online presence thing? Don't remember that? Me, neither. 

So now honestly, I don't give a piece of interest anymore and I will not try to put myself in a drawer that is already overflowing. I'd rather be the canvas in the corner, the polaroid photos on the walls and posters by the drawer.

Naked, bare, present and always honest.


What's your take on this? I am in a rave.

Until then – stay yourself and nothing but yourself,

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