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Taken in an Italian restaurant by Primrose Hill

My relationship with colds

I am guilty of a writing and uploading schedule that I cannot stick to because I'm still sick and it seems as if I'm never going to get any better because I just don't get around to get back to complete health again. I feel bad whenever I get sick and have to miss out on work, not because I'm so motivated and dedicated for it right now but because I just dislike wasting time away at home. Even though I should. Instead, I do stuff and rest a bit until I'm a tad better and then I do stuff again and my health just fluctuates like that. At this point I'm just sick all the time – it's just a matter of whether it's become really bad or manageable. 

My undying hate for travel complications

So I flew home to Germany for the weekend to go to therapy and to be there for my Mum's birthday. All that went great and the weather was lovely and I was happy, looking past the fact that I still had a fever and a headache going on. It was perfect. Just getting there and getting back here to London was a nightmare. Part of why is that I was stupid and decided to book late flights so I could get home a day earlier and to stay as long as I could with my family. Aftermath: I missed my last trains both times. I had to spend a night at the airport in Germany before I could get my 4:25 A.M. train to Dresden in the morning and I had to get the tube all the way to Heathrow – which took an hour – to get on a bus that would take me home – which also roughly took an hour and 41 stops. This caused nothing but panic attacks and fits of frustration. And a very tired Arden pointing hand guns to her head.

My addiction to a new series

I'm pretty sure the whole blogsphere has already read or at least heard about the book #Girlboss. I never got around to read it so when I found out that a show was made for it with Britt Robertson as the lead role, I had to watch it. I recommend it to all the aspiring #Girlbosses out there. I definitely got motivation from it and it made me say "You go girl!" all the time. Such an empowering, inspiring and confidence boosting story. 

Pretty house line-up by Primrose Hill

My love for Rudy Mancuso

If you haven't watched Rudy's stuff on YouTube yet, what are you doing? His sense of humour is totally my style and I rave about his "funny musical..." episodes all the time, which have become personal gags between friends and I. He's goofy and hilarious, doesn't take himself too seriously, pretty charming and extremely talented as well. Seriously, his Shape Of You remix is still addicting. 

My realisation about changing relationships and friendships

Something I learned from my therapist – because she gives pretty damn badass advice – is something that I underestimated all along. I learned to accept. I've been fed up with friendships and any kind of relationship in my mind slowly changing and I've been terrified of the change and wanting to get everything back to the way they were. It was making me very unhappy and I was putting way too much pressure on myself, thinking that I should do something about this change, that if I didn't do anything, I would just allow it to happen when it shouldn't! 

Thing is, I have to accept that these people, these relationships I have with them are changing. Yes, it's uncomfortable and it hurts and it's not perfect and not something I ever wanted to happen. Whilst fighting against this change it is only going to be harder for me so all I can do is accept and make the best of it for now. People change, so do I, so do relationships, naturally. It's all going to come together in some way or another. 

My resting bitch face syndrome update  

I suffer from the good old resting bitch face syndrome and when I say this, this will sound like the biggest case of a first world problem. But I can assure you it's the worst. It used to be, anyway. People wouldn't approach me because I scared them away, people would keep asking me what's wrong when all I did was simply think about the next thing I wanted to eat. And then I realised that most of the people approaching my friends all the time were not people I wanted to approach me anyway and figured that maybe my resting bitch face can be quite good at filtering out whom I want to talk to me instead. And I think I like this mindset of being in control of who will talk to me. And the people in my life who like me most didn't fear my resting screw face, either. 

I hope you enjoyed this really personal throw-in into my schedule that I am still sorting out!

Until then – stay classy,

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