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After posting the first discussion thread "Let's Talk About Heartbreak" the beginning of this month, I've received some pretty interesting e-mails from readers telling me their take on heartbreak. Here's what came in (including one of my poems on heartbreak): 
Helena, 19: My heart got broken when my first love turned out to be my best guy friend. He didn't know and friend-zoned me a dozen of times, calling me his "sister". He always introduced me to his girlfriends and to this day he doesn't know my heart breaks every time I try to be happy for him. 
Annie, 16: My best friend and I fought over a guy and more than the guy himself who rejected me, it hurt more to have lost such a good friend over someone who shouldn't have tested our bond in the first place. 
Samaira, 22: When my long distance boyfriend cheated on me and I found out from whom he was cheating with, pretty sure my heart was broken for at least 3 months after. It was horrendous. 
Me, 20: Your lips are roses and the words overflowing your mouth are thorns.
Nothing makes me sadder and nothing makes me happier than you.
I’m going to take back the already shattered heart I told you to hold.
It’s gone, it beats no more, not to the sound of your drum. 
Tina, 20: Advice for the heartbroken: It will be okay again. Your heart may be in pieces right now but with time it will heal if you devote yourself to focus on the people and activities that make you happy. 

No worries, there will be other opportunities to submit your work and opinions! From now on I will only announce them on my Twitter, Facebook and in my monthly newsletters though, so make sure you're subscribed or followed on any of them. 

Until then – be on the lookout,

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