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I'm here to apologize for the week that just flew by without having posted anything on here. Most of my life is on Instagram now anyway so cheers to that. I was so busy with having my friend over from Germany for a week and celebrating her birthday going out and constantly on the go. We met loads of new people and I pushed myself out there, gaining experience and growing gradually in such a short period of time that it feels too overwhelming to fathom at this point. (But I will talk about it all in detail later on.)

Let's just say I was quite busy and I am now back and happy to announce that I've even started recording stuff on Soundcloud now. Just a few readings of already existing blog posts of mine. 

Anyway, here are some photos of the past week and couple of days spent with friends, old and new, on Primrose Hill, in Tate Modern and by the Tower Bridge

View from the Primrose Hill

Tate Modern, Pieces

Food for thought, Tate Modern

Silent reading, Tate Modern

TV room, Tate Modern

Anti-portrait, Tate Modern

View from the Tate Modern


  • My obsession for Ed's new album is still as present as ever and I just cannot stop listening to it so much. Now that some songs even have personal meanings and have become personal memories, I had to add this album this week. 

  • IU, my favourite Korean solo artist, has released her newest album and I'm in love – but that was to expect. My favourite song would be Palette, featuring legendary G-Dragon. I just love her authenticy and honesty in all of her songs. 


I'm currently reading:

  • Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita
  • Lee Crutchley's How To Be Happy (or at least less sad) – a creative workbook
  • Meera Lee Patel's Start Where You Are – a journal for self-exploration
  • Kyo Maclear's Birds, Art, Life, Death

What's your favourite discovery from the past week?

Until then – stay curious,

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