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In the life

I guess this should sum up both of my last weekends. I spent both quite well, trying to do and as much as I could because time does slip away and I decided not to let that happen on my own terms. I've heard of interns that don't go outside on weekends at all or rarely get to see the town which I honestly do not understand as someone from outside, just having moved here.

Seriously, I'm definitely not here just to work, then go home, eat, sleep and do it all over again. A whole weekend at home feels like such a waste here. No big deal back in Germany as I've pretty much lived my whole life there. However, I do have a time limit here in London and I am already dreading it. This whole thinking of mine keeps driving me to spend at least Saturdays out with other interns, colleagues and even on my own with myself. I don't even mind at this point.

So last week we had a free guided tour through Westminster and we saw the parade and all sorts of beautiful architecture, we had lunch in Scarlet's, we went shopping right after that and ended up in Carnaby street at Zebrano for two glasses of wine and great dinner.

I took this with my phone. I'm impressed.

Damn London, back at it again with the architecture. 

Who would've thought I would see this in the beginning of April in this rainy town. 

I only noticed the huge grey cloud when I saw the picture again whilst editing the post. It was blissfully sunny, I swear. Omg.

I'll never get tired of this view. 

About yesterday, we went out for a picnic in Regent's Park as the sun was out. Needless to say we all ate much more than we had intended and at the end of the day I actually felt like exploding. (I'm fine now, though, no worries.) 

We went central to get some shopping done, then strolled around and ended up watching Beatboxers in Leicester Square and having a few drinks in Soho before then heading back home, utterly exhausted. 

New-In I need to brag about

Whilst I will be honest and tell you that I don't feel comfortable getting anything at Victoria's Secret (I mean underwear for what, a third of my rent?), I must say I am in love with their XO eau de parfume which I got as a rollerball. I love the fresh, fruity but not too sweet scent and how long it seems to last. Oh, and this was only 16 pounds and for some reason I only had to pay 12.

Have you tried this one before? What's your favourite perfume?

And... random life lessons

Inspired by Lucy Moon's video on things she wished she knew as a teenager, I had a digging session into my mind as well and realized a few things that have been important life lessons for myself.

1. What others wear and why they wear it is none of my business. I've got no right to judge them in any way or criticise them.

2. Your intuition is right. I'd even go as far as to say it always is.

3. People can't read your mind and there's no time for misunderstandings caused by dropped hints. Don't drop hints. Don't try to interpret them. Get some clarity and save yourself from freaking heartache.

4. You can mope around and feel stuck in a situation or go out there and know that you at least tried to help yourself.

5. Give more hugs. Because everyone needs a hug. It's an immediate remedy and it will make people feel warm, and you too.

What's a life lesson you recently learned?

Until then – sorry for the photo heavy post this time,

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