Chrome Extensions For Lovely New Tabs


Ever wondered what some people use to customise their Google Chrome tabs? Maybe I can help you with that. As I've been part of the Studyblr community for quite some time now, I've discovered loads of chrome extensions that make your tabs look super awesome.



Click for the classic one. This sweet extension offers the time, weather, daily photography backgrounds, daily quotes, links, search and a to do list.


Midnight Latte

Click here for the clock, a pomodoro timer, a weekview and a to do feature! This has been my personal favourite for a long time.

Infinity New Tab


Here you'll find links with icons, a to do feature, search, chrome apps, a notepad and custom wallpapers.



Click for a priority to-do list on new tabs.

Tabby Cat

Tabby Cat

If you like cute cats greeting you on each new tab, you'll like this!

Do you know more of these to share in the comments? Go ahead, I love this stuff.

Until then – stay productive,

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