April Goals


You might know, I don't really do goals. Sure, I have goals. But I'm not very keen on writing them down and then feeling bad about myself if I don't follow them through. But I'm feeling extremely positive about them this month and I'm going to share them with you here. Maybe these even apply to you.

Take care of my skin

Now that the weather is changing up drastically, I feel the changes on my skin as well. I never really take care of it enough and only really pay attention when there's a pimple or whatever imperfection. I don't like investing too much into simple skincare but I am making it a routine to look after my skin, only wear make up when actually necessary, let my skin breathe more, eat more fruits and keep it smooth when I feel like it needs some love.

Declutter & Tidy often

It's not like I have much more stuff now that I'm in London but I did build up some stuff here and there the past few weeks that I need to de-clutter again. As my room isn't so big, there's just a lot lying around on the ground constantly and I get lazy on bad days but I'm trying to tidy up more often.

Consciously try and do stuff that makes me happy

As my therapist made me write down every person, thing and situation that makes me happy or feel comfortable and content or productive, I started consciously talking to those people more who make me feel happy and going to the places where I feel most comfortable in. I think it's easy to feel not so content every day but I think I'm slowly figuring out where I feel better instantly. That might be the hustling Londoner downtown and a cute coffee shop. Knowing my happy list makes it easier to find out of my dark hole whenever I get into one.

Appreciate the good things and thoughts

I feel like I'm constantly just living through days and not appreciating the good little things that happen every day. Like sun rays and random laughter and compliments and great achievements. I should take more time to appreciate the good things instead of dwelling on thoughts that bring me down and aren't even relevant at the time anymore. I want to enjoy "the moments" and the upcoming brighter spring season.

Care less about what people think and just do my thing

Meeting new people and talking to my new coworkers can be quite awkward because I've always kind of been keeping my writing and sketching to myself but now I think I'm getting more confident with openly saying that yes, I'll be working on my blog this afternoon and I'll write a new chapter for one of my stories this Sunday instead of going out and I'm doing some awful drawings and putting together collages in my free time. I won't hide my passions anymore because I fear what people think. I know it will take a while until I will open myself up some more but until then I'll just do my thing.

Write more poems

Been slacking lately so I thought I would include this. Now that I've got a new notebook I should have more space to fill with words. Even though the lack of it never stopped me before.

Spend much more time outdoors

I definitely want to take more walks, explore more since the sun is out so often these days, exercise more and just generally get out more, even if I actually just want to sit down and write. I need to take in that fresh park-oxygen some more as well.

What are your goals for the month? What will your April look like?

Until then – stay bright,

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