9 Adulting Life Hacks


More than "adulting" hacks, this might just be what I've learned while trying out this adulting thing. Yeah, I'm not sure I'm handling it well yet. But who does, right?

1. Always carry a bottle of water, an umbrella, a lip balm or chapstick, change, and a snack.

2. Invest in a pair of good sneakers! Thrift stores and outlets are great places to find some for less expense.

3. Wash your sheets once a week if you can, if not twice a month. You will notice the difference!

4. Don't do work or uni related stuff on your bed as your brain associates activities with places and it will be harder for you to fall asleep. Or the other way around, you'll fall asleep more easily which you probably don't want while studying!

5. Don't go to sleep with make up on.

6. Using a conditioner will help with static hair.

7. Therapy does not mean you're weak. It doesn't even mean you need professional help. Therapy is for anyone who wants to understand themselves better and talking things out can definitely help you focus on more important things.

8. Make your bed in the morning!

9. Learn some easy but delicious go-to recipes.

Until then – stay groovy,

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