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One of my goals that I never got to keep was finishing a journal and actually sticking to one. Having a Studyblr opened my eyes towards all the different kinds of journals there are. They are kind of endless and the best thing is that you can do with yours whatever you want. You can have multiple journals focusing on different topics or everything in one place. If you have an empty notebook that you want to use (that you bought because it was pretty but you never dared to actually write anything into it) but don’t know how, here are some ideas.

Quote Journal: who doesn't like keeping track of your favourite quotes? You can decorate your pages, doodle, practice calligraphy if you'd like

Creative writing Journal: in this one you can jot down anything that comes to your head for poems, short stories, any ideas for potential novels, monologues, even for character descriptions

Future plans Journal: write about your goals, now or later, the kind of life you hope to have, your to go's and bucket lists

Rant Journal: rant about anything and everything you need to vent about.

Book Journal:
 write book reviews, thoughts about characters, ships and favourite quotes or your own essays about some parts

Cafe Journal: visit different coffee shops and jot down your experience, kind of like reviews

Restaurant Journal: write about the food, service, atmosphere, snap pictures

Film/TV Show Journal: if you're into films and series, you can dedicate a page to each one you watch and write about the plot, the characters, your opinions, your thoughts, emotions and raves

Recipe Journal: if you like cooking, cut and paste recipes into your notebook and keep them for future reference, add your own ideas and successful experiments

Consumption Journal: jot down everything you consume if you're keen on keeping track for whatever reasons. food, drinks, beauty products, toilet paper, ink from pens, etc. Great for keeping track of finances as well

Happy Things Journal: all things happy, both big and small to read back on them when you need reminders.

What are your ideas for journals? Do you journal?

Until then – stay cosy,

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