Tips For Staying In A Dorm At A Hostel


After staying at a hostel this beginning of March before properly moving into my permanent place, I've been thinking to write a post about my experience and maybe give some tips to some of you who might will be staying at one and wonder what it's like. These are four tips I can give you after my four days at a hostel.

Introduce yourself.

It doesn't take long to say Hi. You could make new friends and helpful companions, even. You never know. Even though it's totally fine if you just hide in your bunk bed and not talk to anyone (which I pretty much did the first two days), it sure doesn't hurt to maybe talk to some fellow travellers if you feel lonely.

Be aware of others.

Remember to put up your towel to dry at the end of the bed instead of by the side because it'll block access to the bottom bunkee. Try to pack and unpack at times when no one is asleep. If you know you have to get up much earlier than the rest of them, choose your outfit beforehand so you won't have to unzip and zip your luggage and bags in the morning whilst trying to be quiet.

Have your own timing

If you enjoy longer showers and feel uncomfortable showering when everybody else is and waiting in a queue, go shower at times nobody else would. When I stayed at the hostel, I went to shower every day straight after work so it would be around 5 or 6 P.M. where everybody else would be getting ready to have dinner. 

Come prepared.

People are going to snore or talk just when you're about to doze off. So get your ear plugs and make use of them! If they turn on the light in the middle of the night, which could happen if people come in late, better have sleeping masks with you as well.

Bring padlocks

These are important so you can lock up your stuff that you want to keep safe. Not every hostel provides free padlocks so better come with your own. 

What are your tips? Have you stayed in a hostel dorm before?

Until then – stay cosy,

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