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In school and uni, it’s crucial to have good time management and save as much time as possible, especially if you have loads of classes with loads of assessment. If you can totally relate to what I’m saying, I’ve got a list of hacks for you that will make the process SO much easier.

Plan ahead

This is important. I mean no, you don't really want to stain your mood by planning ahead nerve-wracking study sessions but hear me out because it does help immensely. You plan ahead, you get more freedom in your days without feeling bad about having longer breaks.

Break down your assignment into the amount of days you have to do it

Be realistic about your time management and count the realistic amount of days you need between the day you're given it and the day it's due. Note every single tiny weeny detail you need to consider and do for the assignment, from reading chapters to printing your sheet. Split the list into the amount of days you've given yourself. Take every day to do work on your assignment and get it all done in time. Since you should be realistic in the first place while planning, you should be able to get it all done or easily shift around tasks. Also, factor in the draft date (if you're allowed to).

Let's take this example. You have 20 days to do your assignment in. Only 15 of those are certainly able to be dedicated to working on the assignment, like preparing the task, brainstorm, create a plan, create a structure, research, find quotes, write a thesis, introduction, body paragraphs, proof read, edit, give it someone else to proof read, print, staple...

  • Day 1: Read, highlight, brainstorm. 
  • Day 2: Make points of evidence. 
  • Day 3: Create a plan and paragraph structure. 
  • Day 4: Research on topic and quotes. 
  • Day 5: Write thesis. 
  • Day 6: Write the introduction. 
  • Day 7: Write body, paragraph 1. 
  • Day 8: Write body, paragraph 1. 
  • Day 9: Write body, paragraph 2.
  • Day 10: ...

Have a plan for your exams

You will probably know roughly what your exam is going to be on and how long you've got to study for it to the point you actually know stuff about the topic. Split your time up into small blocks according to what has to be done and looked at.

Split up the chapters themselves, plan each part to be done in a day or in a few set of hours of a day, highlight the most important things, revise each chapter on its own. Go ahead until you're through with them. Highlight the hardest ones or questions you still have for a set of study sessions after revisions.


  • Day 1: Get overview on topics (what to study), make a plan, split up chapters
  • Day 2: Plan amount of days and leave about a day or two before the exam for all remaining questions
  • Day 3: Chapter 1, Part 1, 2 and 3
  • Day 4: Chapter 2, Part 1 and 2
  • Day 5: ...

Prioritise in advance

Work each day class by class, figuring out when you can work on each task. If it’s due the next day or the day after, you need to finish it before anything else. Try to do homework as soon as you get them so you don't have to do them when you actually need time for more important things. Basically, just look forward in your calendar and see when your stuff is due and do it in order and following priority.

Make the perfect draft

This is a simple and straightforward one. Give your best at your draft and you'll have less work to do on your final. Give your best at editing and proof reading and avoid making tiny errors that your teacher or professor will have to correct. Eliminating the minor errors like spelling and grammar can do so much, your teacher/prof will have their focus on your actual points and thesis and arguments, rather than being caught up by tiny details that aren't even crucial for the essay.

What's your advice coming from a student or have-been-student? What do you think is the hardest to do when managing time?

Until then – stay productive,

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