My Place In London


I'm obviously not going to give away where exactly I've been room hunting but I did find a pretty cozy one that feels much more like home now that I've settled in, unpacked and decorated. My room is small but I don't need much space anyway. I brought my posters and some photos to look at when feeling homesick. Don't judge me because I brought my stuffed animal! I'm a big girl with a heavy heart, that's all I've got to say as a defense. ;-)

I am very lucky to have found this place as it was not too expensive and the house mate is super friendly and understanding of everything. I mean I can use Netflix and everything on his TV, I'm allowed to play my ukulele and annoy him with my singing. And he had a bunch of clothing hangers and adapters for me so that's a huge plus! All in all it's safe to say, I like it here a lot.

Until then – stay cosy,

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