Let's Talk About Heartbreak


We all know the feeling of a heart shuttering within us. Whether it came in an instant, like a lightning, or slowly and creeping in, like a pulling weight. Our hearts break more than you think because it's not only out for love from another person. It's love for another person. Disappointment in them. Longing. Desperation. Frustration. It's the stories we experience or hear about, and we react the same way, we learn from it and hurt whilst we can because it's worth the lesson and the wise outlook.

The "Let's Talk About" series on this blog was created for me to hear about your stories, get to know my readers and discuss. So this time it's about heartbreak. In every way possible.

You can either:

  • send me your story (doesn't matter how long, it could only be three sentences or 5 passages, really) for me to publish in another post in the future or 
  • tweet me what made your heart break recently with the hashtag #MissingHeartbreak (I'll RT) or
  • simply leave a comment!

Until then – stay kind,

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