Improve Your Life In Just A Month


1. If you're a sentimental person like me, this will be a bit hard. But. Donate or throw away the triggering things in your life. That means get rid of that sweater from your ex even if it's pretty because will you really bear to wear it? And those old messages? If they sting, erase them.

2. Drink more water. Today, and tomorrow and the next day and the next. You'll feel the difference. Yes, you'll probably pee more often than usual but that skin will be so clear. 

3. Stretch after waking up. 

4. Try to find things you like about yourself when you pass the mirror. Those pants look fire on you! 

5. Go for more walks. Feel that weight lifted from ridding your life of negative things and feelings on the go.

6. Do the things you've always wanted to try! 

7. Declutter your flat, your room, office, wallet, purse. Clean up.

8. Reward yourself when accomplishing your tangible goals today. 

9. Go to bed a little earlier and get more of those Z's.

10. Dare to paint, draw, dance shamelessly in your room, play your piano or guitar and write. You can do anything. You're the one holding yourself back.

11. Try to add in more fruits and vegetables in a meal today.

12. Learn to cook! It doesn't have to be a five-star menu. Eat more home cooked meals.

13. Find yourself a really good book. If reading isn't your thing, find new music or new motives for drawing. 

14. Make a list of what makes you happy. Who makes you happy and what you do that makes you happy. Intentionally do those things more and find a reason to be happy every day. Keep the list and add more as you notice what makes you happy day by day. 

15. Dress up for no reason or make a reason! Get out of the house and do something, even if it's going to see a film alone. No need to feel like a potato if you don't want to.

16. Compliment three people today.

17. Have a good laugh. Watch a comedy act or series or a funny film.

18. Stop talking to those who make you feel bad about yourself and your plans. Unfollow the accounts that post too many sad things and trigger you. You can choose what is and isn't in your life. And if it doesn't work for some specific people or things, try to hang much more with those that do make you feel good about yourself.

19. Do random acts of kindness. It'll not only make them feel better but you, too. You never know who really desperately needed that little bit of kindness that day.

20. Join a club!

21. Increase the time you spend with friends, and family and just living instead of investing most of your time on technology! The days are flying past you and the lack of real memories will press down on you.

22. Be a kid again. Yes, you might be 20 now but honestly, what's the excuse not to do kid stuff again? Climb trees, spin around in circles in the grass, dance like a crazy person, play a card game, make blanket forts.

What's something you've always wanted to do? Something you never dared to do? 

Until then – stay yourself,

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