How To College (From A Current College Student)


I think with my fourth semester going on at the moment, I might be in the position to write a How To College post as a, well, current college student! So if you're new to it, about to go to uni or college or actually already in the middle of the madness, this might still be for you, and maybe even amusing for some of you who've gone through it. Maybe you'll find yourself nodding with a grin on a face like, yep, that was me. 

  • always carry a phone, your charger, an umbrella and tampons/pads.
  • some nights you'll be at the library until it closes and you'll feel great about it
  • absolutely no one cares how you're dressed so you might as well come in sweatpants
  • carry pepper spray!
  • get involved in something! join clubs!
  • you will feel homesick your first semester but you will get through it. befriend people and be busy
  • take notes by hand
  • always go to class. only skip if you're ill or having to do an assignment 
  • naps will probably become your favourite part of the day
  • don't take a cup from a random person at parties. get your own drink
  • don't get too drunk and take it easy. be smart and drink at a friend's home or at your home.
  • call your parents and siblings at least once a week and catch up with them
  • make your bed every day
  • always have tissues and toilet paper at home
  • bother to eat home cooked meals instead of eating fast food or ordering in
  • friendships will come naturally. keep your options open, you don't have to have one best friend
  • stay up talking until the sun rises a couple of times, it's fun
  • it's not a bad thing to get to know your professor or campus staff member. it's great to have an adult friend on campus
  • take breaks while studying every couple hours
  • jump at every opportunity to do something fun!
  • take pictures of your friends doing stuff. embrace your memories 
  • you'll learn a bunch about yourself and other people
  • soak it up, it's definitely an experience, whether good or bad

What's your advice?

Until then – stay adventurous,

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