How To Avoid Stress While Travelling


Don't get me wrong, I love travelling. My wanderlust is probably my biggest thrive through life right now and I love to get around and explore new places. But with travelling comes a lot of stress and baggage (literally) and I don't like feeling stressed and anxious while doing what I like most.

Consider enough time for your itinerary. 

Stress is caused by lack of time and hassle. Even if you'll end up waiting two hours at the airport, it's definitely less of a hassle. So be early! Stay abreast of delays by checking your airline's website before you leave home. Try to travel early, earlier flights are less likely to be delayed.

Be prepared. 

Sometimes you'll have to show your liquids in a transparent bag so think of that and pack it somewhere where you find it easily. Same thing with technical equipment that will have to be scanned.

Pack smart. 

Don't start packing the night before but at least two nights before so you have the time to remember if you missed anything and to go buy things you still need. If you know you'll be checking into a hostel/hotel late at night, pack your necessities and a pair of underwear and sleeping clothes in your backpack so you won't have to rummage around everywhere.

Dress comfortably. 

You should ditch those heels if you can't walk around with them all day and your clothes should be comfortable enough to move around in. Seriously, nobody gives two poopies about how you look like when they have their own trip to deal with.

Bring a distraction. 

Have your music ready, your favourite book, a nice film on your laptop. This way you can still relax during long flights or delays.

Take care of yourself. 

Getting sick and feeling sick while travelling is the worst. Drink enough water, take your vitamins, get some quality sleep before you leave and get some moisturiser on for the dry air on the plane. Eat well beforehand, too.

What do you do to decrease stress while travelling?

Until then – stay calm,

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