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Settling in

I am not going to lie and say I am all settled in because I am really not. I am still overwhelmed and trying to adapt to this new life in a new town. I am learning a lot as an intern and plan a bunch of future trips here in London and surroundings so I am more excited than stressed by this point and that's great because this means my homesickness is basically gone for now, I don't feel too lonely or out of place and I have great days ahead to look forward to!

Getting a tattoo

This is an insane decision of mine but I've made it a few years ago. There's a certain motive that stands for my mother and sister, my most important anchors in life, that I want to get and an appointment has already been made so I. Am. Terrified. But I can't wait to get it. Mum hasn't been too happy about me getting any tattoos in general but she also gave her o.k. for doing what I want with my body as long as she feels alright with it and she's very okay with the motive as the meaning is massive to us three.  

Regent's Park

The sun was out yesterday and I got so happy. Our group of interns planned to go for a walk in Regent's Park so we got together and went, then spent half the day there which felt so blimmin' good. Even though it's so central and obviously further from where I actually live, I truly enjoyed the long walk we went on. The atmosphere was great, the fresh air was much needed and it was quite a workout after staying sat in the office for days. Here are some many shots I took. 

Dinner in Marylebone

On our hunt for a place to eat after our long journey, we walked around Marylebone and stumbled across a hip burger place called Burger Joint which served us a menu of a burger, fries and soda for roughly 10 Pounds. I loved the place, the atmosphere, the time we came in because it wasn't crowded and how friendly the staff was to us. The food is great, too. :-) 

How did your weekend go?

Until then – stay cosy,

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