First Week – Hotel & Hostel Stay In London


Cheers, hi. I'm alive, I survived the flight and am settling in day by day. A feeling of overwhelming waves crashes over me from time to time but it's only been a week so that's to be expected. I don't want to give away everything in one post just yet so I'll just tell you about how my first week went here in London and show you where I've been staying at. Stay tuned for upcoming posts on my permanent place and more!  

I spent my first night 

at the CitizenM Hotel in Shoreditch near Liverpool Street station, not because I'm that rich of a student but because I simply missed the Check-In time at the hostel. Yeah, embarrassing. But I did treat myself as the CitizenM hotel was so lovely to stay at. I only stayed for a night but I would always come again. The atmosphere is modern and quiet, even though it's located right by the street. I stayed in a double room and fell in love with their shampoos and shower gels and soaps. This might be weird but these are details I want to appreciate in a hotel room. Some of you might recognise some photos from my Instagram (where I post a bunch of Instagram stories, by the way!). 

After that the hostel

After checking out of CitizenM, I got on a taxi towards Willesden Green where the Palmer's Lodge Hillspring is located. Here I stayed four nights. I've never actually stayed at a hostel before where I shared a room with about fourteen other women. So this was an interesting experience. Actually, I will write a post on my tips for staying at a hostel pretty, pretty soon. 

I went room hunting

I had booked appointments for my second day at London, so asap, just so I would be able to cram viewings into a day and decide quickly for a place. It's so important to view rooms in person before putting any deposit down. I haven't had any experience with scammers but this is something I made sure I'd do. Which is why I decided to stay at the hostel for the first week instead of getting a place before coming here.

First days at work

So I went in with no idea what to expect. The agency I work in now is amazing, friendly, in a huge building that is not too far from my permanent place that I found. Of course the first few days were pretty exhausting as I was bombarded with information that I barely got to sort out. My first full day at work on Friday went pretty well, actually. I got to do some tasks completely by myself. My line manager and us interns get along just great and I am lucky to have her as the person to turn to when I don't know where to go with my many, probably stupid, questions. Long story short, I think I will like it here. 

Until then – stay tuned,

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