Feeling Overwhelmed?


Who doesn't know the feeling of being overwhelmed? Either it's at work or uni, it doesn't matter. The feeling stays with you and can be a bit too much to deal with. If anything, it can be quite distracting. I feel overwhelmed a lot, not because I'm oh so busy but little things can add up and become overwhelming at some point so I try to deal with it when I do feel it.

Make sure that the break you take is actually a break

Taking a break is easy, though are you really taking a break? Example: If you work a job where you sit in front of the screen all the time, getting your food out and drinking is not a break. It's a break if you get up, get out of the office, maybe take a walk to the park, sit down and eat there. Get your eyes off the screen. Clear your head off the responsibilities. Don't take your work home, keep that folder at work where it belongs and only deal with it once you're back in the office the next day. When you get home, do not work on the things that you didn't get done at work. Continue working on it the next day. 


So this one is easy and kind of cliché. It's not because I'm biased with the occasional yoga that I do. It's because stretching really helps. No, it probably won't improve your athletic performance but it helps to reduce any physical sign of stress in your body so you'll feel less it

Don't forget to get some perspective

Oh my god, this is too much, how the beep am I going to do this?! Wa-hait, before you stress out and totally explode, take a step back please. I mean it. Stop and look. Get your pen, make a list. Write everything down that is clogging up your head. You'll realise, all of the things that you need to do are tangible. You'll realise this is not as crazy as you thought. In fact, you get your head around the task and yep, see, it's actually do-able! 

Don't rush

Yes, it might be urgent. But don't get ahead of yourself. Take your time to do your tasks properly and fault-free. Rushing things will not get you anywhere, and if it does, your mind will scream at you for not taking care and resting it for some time. No need to multitask either. Even if you rock at it, spreading your attention across so many tasks can't be good in the long run. 

Get enough sleep!

I'm just saying never underestimate a good night of sleep. Or even take a nap. You. Need. Sleep. Do not lose sleep. 

Make time to tidy

Decide for a day in the week to clean your surrounding, your desk, your room, your flat. Get rid of baggage and crap you do not need and create a whole new workspace. Tidy space, tidy mind!

Treat yourself

Go on a weekend retreat, spend the rest of the evening in a bath tub, in bed, watching your favourite show, reading a good book, or if it helps, go shopping. Do what you like and treat yourself now and again. Reward yourself for your great work and effort. 

Any more tips from you? Feel free to let me know because I sure need those tips! :-)

Until then – stay cosy,

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