What can WE do to help our climate?


We all know the climate in this world is changing and it's always been a big issue hanging in the air, loose and transparent, not really there to grasp it but big enough to not be ignored. You've heard about it a long time ago and it keeps being a topic because well, it is. A huge topic. And extremely dangerous and it's JUST. NOT. STOPPING.

I was thinking a lot about climate change and how we, as individuals, can do to help. Climate change is usually underrated as a problem because it isn't that apparent in e.g. Germany. We did have high water levels but that was it. No hurricanes or big disasters so far. Yeah, so far. Also, people have gotten used to natural disasters and contaminated air.

Here are a few things you can do as an individual to help making the first step.

Reduce energy use.

Replace standard light bulbs with energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs. And make it a habit to turn out the lights whenever you leave a room, even if it's the washing room in your uni. Unplug your computers, TVs and other electronics when they're not in use.

Use cloth bags to go grocery shopping.

I've gotten this great cloth bag from REWE, a German supermarket and I've used it ever since. It's light enough to pack in your daily bag and pull out when you go grocery shopping, pretty enough to carry around and it's steady enough to keep everything inside. No need for plastic bags of any kind.

Change transportation.

Maybe try and get by with trams or bikes instead of cars sometimes. Reduce that carbon footprint and save money on gas as well. Walking will do your health good, too. This is a reason why I haven't gotten a car yet, also because I don't feel like I need one just yet. And to be honest, I don't think I will be needing it much in the near future, either.

You don't need that plastic lid for your coffee to go.

I know it's kinda practical to have the lid on but do you actually need it? Your tea or coffee will cool down quicker, too. Maybe go for your own insulating bottle for your coffee.

Cool wash!

Hang to dry your clothes since dryers are energy hogs, maybe even handwash smaller pieces of clothing.

Eat wisely.

Avoid processed items and go for locally grown foods and organic foods. Going vegetarian of course is an option since 18% of greenhouse gas emissions come from the dairy and meat production. You don't have to go vegetarian or vegan completely, only ditching meat for one meal a day is a step.


It's easier than it sounds, really. You just have to start. Recycle and purchase things you can repurpose multiple times.

More about what you can do about climate change here. Feel free to treat the comment section as a forum, I'd love to hear more suggestions on how to help out in this matter.

Until then – stay conscious,

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