Things Your Server Wishes You Knew


As you know, I work in customer service and I've worked in this field for as long as I can remember in my working experience. Most of the times I've been a waitress and sometimes I'm a check-in assistant at the airport so over the years I have gathered some thoughts that I really wish customers would know.
  • We do mind when you arrive in at closing time, actually. We'd appreciate it if we could clean up and go home. Our cook and the rest of the crew, too. 
  • We don't make the food. We can't do anything about how fast the food is going to be ready. 
  • The moment you ask us what we would recommend, we die on the inside. Admittedly, we probably don't know everything on the menu, nor have we tasted everything. Oh and taste differs so it's going to be on us if you won't like our recommendations that much.
  • Yes, carrying many plates at once is hard but no, you don't have to help us with that. *pats own shoulder*
  • If this isn't a five-star restaurant, then don't expect it to be or act like it is. 
  • Waiters are people, not slaves. We're servers, not servants. Don't look down on us as if we're idiots. Even if you think you're the shit because you're rich because honestly, we don't care much about that. We just serve, we won't kiss asses. 
  • If you're in a rush, please do tell us as soon as we greet you. That way we can arrange everything and avoid pressure.
  • We are not trying to get with your date or significant other. We're just polite as it is our job. We're probably so busy anyway that we won't even have the energy to try anything of that sort.
  • Please don't interrupt us while we're waiting another table.
  • We're multitaskers and always busy. So if we haven't checked on you in five minutes it's not because we were being lazy and forgetting about you.
  • Asking for extra will cost you extra, don't be upset with us when you see extra charge on the bill because that's just policy.
  • Only a percentage of your tip goes to each server. Think about that when you think about tipping your server full.  
  • I didn't invent the automatic check-in machine and no, it's not my fault that you can't go to the baggage drop without your boarding ticket. 

Have you ever worked in customer service and can you relate?

Until then – stay groovy,

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