Preparing my move to London


It's coming near, isn't it! My flight to London is only a few days away and I couldn't be more hyped and conflicted at the same time. This is how I prepared for the big change.


Of course I had to plan everything from scratch –

  • when I'd leave for my flight, 
  • what I need for it, 
  • whether I need to take the train to the airport. 
  • I had to take care of my insurance abroad,
  • I signed up for the ERASMUS scholarship grant to get financial support for my internship in advance,
  • I cancelled contracts with my landlord here in Dresden, 
  • quit my part-time job for the time being,
  • emptied my flat to give it away.
  • I booked my first week in London at a hostel and 
  • called up landlords in advance to plan appointments for my room hunt. 

I wrote lists for packing and tasks to do before leaving and for when I'd get there.


Thinking of the weather in London, I thought of every possible outfit that I could wear. I need more appropriate, smart but casual clothes for my internship. And of course I can't forget my daily wear. Before even thinking of packing, I decluttered most of my wardrobe and sold or donated clothes I wouldn't need or wear anyway. Downgrading helped a lot and now I have a much better overview.
Of course I had to take care of my birth control and medication, too. Gathering what I would definitely need over there helped me realize how much junk I actually own that I could've gotten rid of a long time ago. So much clutter.


You can't really prepare emotionally. All I know is that I will surely feel homesick and it will be awful the first couple of days or weeks. But I also know that I just have to keep myself busy and make friends to meet. Currently I'm spending a lot of time with my family and I met up with old close friends and uni friends that I would miss the next six months. If I look at the number, 6, it looks like 6 months will take incredibly long. But to think about it that way: I'm leaving in the beginning of spring and coming back in Summer! helps a lot.

I think it's important to stay in touch with my family and friends and don't allow myself to feel lonely. I can be fine being on my own but once I feel lonely – and yes, there actually is a difference – I will step into a downward spiral that will be hard to get out of. I am preparing for homesickness – but on the other hand I have so much excitement building up.

P/S: All my posts on London for the next 6 months will be tagged under 6 In London so if you're looking for them, you'll know where to find them! Do make sure you follow me on my Instagram, too, not to miss any Instagram stories (I figure there will be a bunch)!

Until then – stay cosy,

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