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Starting the day right with mellow playlists

I'm that type of girl that stays home a lot and enjoys the company of no company. I boil my water and pour my tea and sit back on my couch or lay back on my bed and dive into the world of shows or books, stories of which I can only ever imagine in my head and live inside my fantasy.

A quiet background noise fading into my daily reality, diffusing in emotion and thoughts drowning in my absent mind. And I sit and I lay and I watch and I listen and sometimes I don't feel anything at all. A neutral phase where I can smile slightly and look at the ceiling of everything that is to come.

Getting some tea at my favourite café

And sometimes when I go out, I am okay with being on my own, too. There are couples and groups of friends gathering at the coffee shop and I sit by myself and smile to myself like an idiot, sipping on my cup of tea as it burns my tongue and the words I never dare to say. And another cup and another burned tongue that lasts for hours until I eventually have to meet up with someone and mutate into someone I'm not sure if it's myself.

My sister being shy

And in the end I sit and lay and watch and listen and smile to a blank page of futuristic vision because everything grows around me and even though I feel as if I'm stuck, I think I'm growing too. Evolving into something that has gained its wings in cozy environments, in a safe place, in a pot of opportunities and ridiculous self-discovery and potentials that I crumbled in my own hands.

Until then – don't mind me,

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