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Okay so I have been saying this for so long and so often already that you are probably a little bit annoyed by it now. But I'm headed to London in three days and I had to downgrade my belongings and minimize my wardrobe to make out what to take with me and what I could've gotten rid off a long time ago.

This was a great reason to sort out my clothes and other belongings because wow, there's so much I can donate, sell and gift now. Good riddance of baggage that I didn't need in the first place. I feel much "lighter" on my plate now and am proud to say that I could fit all of my necessary belongings into a 10kg carry-on and a 20kg luggage. Then there's my Kanken backpack and that's it. This is basically what I could go with, anywhere. This is the stuff I could take with me moving into new places and I wouldn't need more. Okay, my ukulele didn't fit. But that's besides the point.

There's a post I made about my packing list for short trips (light packing and carry-on only) which includes all the necessary stuff that I absolutely need so I think I won't need to elaborate twice on that ;-).

What did change, though, is what I need for my longer stay now, and the internship of course, which would include:

  • a DKB VISA banking card (I can get cash abroad for free with this)
  • important personal documents (like insurance papers) apart from travel documents
  • copies of my travel documents
  • camera equipment
  • weather appropriate clothing 
  • a strong umbrella
  • one detox water bottle
  • a pair of new shoes with heels
  • a pair of black basic shoes if I can't be arsed with high heels every day
  • a decent bag for work 
  • my own hair dryer and straightener (which I use as a curler)
  • one fancy dress for special opportunities 
  • favourite skin care products
  • important medication
  • personally connected objects and posters to make my new place over there home-y

Any fellow Londoner bloggers out there? Feel free to contact me for collaborations and sit-down talks anytime! For the upcoming six months I am going to tag my London based posts under 6 In London so if you're looking for them, you know where to find them.

Until then – stay on the look-out,

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