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In the life

  • Exam week. No comment. (I'm doing quite well I think. Even though I had several mental breakdowns at therapy because of it. I'm fine. Really. The worst exam is over with.) 
  • Preparing for my move to London. IT IS HAPPENING. Someone pinch me. I'm so so excited and cannot wait. I've started removing my stuff from my flat and am now sorting everything out. The things I won't be bringing will have to stay with Mum. 
  • If you would like to follow my journey, either follow me on Instagram or check my portfolio for a bunch of new photos! 

Posts you might have missed


  • This is the best Shape Of You Sing-Off by Conor Maynard and The Vamps. I cannot tell you how many times I've been listening to it. Simply because I lost count a long time ago.
  • Dodie's mashup is so beautiful. Nuff said. You guys already know I crush so hard on her music & her. 
  • And of course I had to include her Come Together cover with the amazing Jon Cozart. (You might know him from his After Ever After videos as PAINT.) Their harmony is no joke. 


How has your week been? Hopefully all is fine. Stay warm! Spring is coming soon.

Until then – stay cosy,

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