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One of many gorgeous shots I took while going on a fun hike with friends

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One day left until I get on my plane to London and stay there for the next six months. I think it's a long time not being able to hug my sister (yes, we're actually this close and never really fight) but when I think of my best friend for example, who's studying in the Netherlands long-time, I consider 6 months to be passing in no time. I've emptied my flat, which has been my safe place until now and I'm truly saddened to have let go of it, and I gave it away to someone else who's in need of it. After my internship I'll move into a shared flat, I suppose, which will help me financially and socially. But that's for late August. For now I'm concentrating on my upcoming little British moments and I cannot wait for the room viewings next week and what's to come. 


  • I had forgotten how amazing The Vamps are and how much I loved their music a year back or more. Now I'm back to listening to them non-stop.
  • I've made a London based playlist on Spotify and if you'd like, you can follow it as I'm pretty sure the list will be long! 
  • A while back I saw Jakub Ondra sing on the streets of Dresden and had to check him out on YouTube. We had talked before I went home, still in awe of his smooth voice. 
  • I still come back to this! 
  • With a little deeper digging I found this awesome gem by Orla!

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