What happened?


Morning on December 29th of last year (if I can remember correctly)

So ... no Squarespace. At least not for now. I feel so sorry as I keep changing and switching and tweaking my design and everything. I'm the absolute worst and sincerely apologize to you, my readers. How annoying is this? I never settle for anything it seems. But there's a reason for why I migrated back to Blogger and left Squarespace.

Short answer: Money. Longer answer: I sat down before New Year's Eve and realized that I do need to cut down on expenses. And Squarespace was one of those expenses. I'm sad I had to leave but I hope I'll be able to migrate back in the future. Or not. Anything can happen.

Until then I hope you still like to visit my blog even though I'm an indecisive little piece of poo! But I can promise I will stay with this look and host for now and won't change in between too much because it does require lots of work.

As I type this I am sick in bed with a slight fever, a horrifying sounding cough and a runny nose. I look like Rudolph the reindeer and sound like Donald the duck. But what's new.

I actually purchased a great design on Etsy only to come to realize that a blogger I follow has the same template. Technically I do have the right to use it but I don't like looking like a copy-cat, nor do I like to use the same design as someone else because I want to keep their and my own originality. Kind of like wearing the same dress. Too bad I don't get a refund for the template, haha. But here I am with this new design and hope you all like the facelift! See it as a facelift for the new year.

Blog posts will be posted rather regularly again from this update on and do feel free to ask me questions for the next Q&A coming this month below in the comments.

Don't hate me too much hehe,

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