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If you're not familiar with Polyvore, I think I should explain something. Polyvore is a website and app that helps you discover outfit ideas and come up with your own. You can look at others' outfit sets and make your own. All the items will be automatically displayed underneath your set with price and brand for others to see where to buy the items. I think Polyvore is an amazing tool to show what your kind of style is and also be inspired by others'.

I decided to sign up and play around for a bit and today I'm here to show you three of my first ones. They're all pretty vintage based and not very appropriate for the weather at the moment – which just shows that I can't wait for warmer weather to be back.

Will We Meet Again? is a set inspired for the style I prefer when going out for a day, like going to the movies, going to see museums or see plays, like going on a short trip. It's casual, yet trendy, not much hanging around or being in the way.

Today I'll Show You The Real Me is a set inspired by the 90's. My mother used to wear such jeans and shoes back in the day and I thought it would be fun to revive it. Casualties for staying in at a friend's or going to the coffee shop for a read.

I've Got Homework is a set dedicated to college days. It's cute, it's trendy, it's casual. You might have noticed by now, I tend to go for casual always. And that's kind of a must for college, in my opinion. Not much clutter around, just an easy outfit.

Now tell me, do you use Polyvore? What do you think of these sets? If you fancy, you can follow me on Polyvore here! Can't wait to look through yours.

Until then – stay groovy,

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