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New year, new blog series! Do you ever stalk fellow bloggers' posts and wish you could sit down with them and talk about stuff and ask them questions? Well, I do. And that's why I decided to interview some bloggers I read on the daily and feature them on here so I get to share some of their thoughts and wisdom.

The first blogger I thought of was Audrey from Brunch At Audrey's because her blog was one of the first that I actually followed and checked every once in a while. Her blog focuses on personal lifestyle and touches on trips, daily inspiration, books and cafés and she shoots awesome snaps at that. Currently living around Philadelphia, she's studying computer science and linguistics.

1 What is your favourite thing you ever did?

Ever?? Oh gosh this is so hard! In August 2016 I moved into an apartment off campus and got a 10 inch memory foam mattress, which is a source of immense happiness every night. In January 2016 I did a Winter Externship at the Austin Fire Department, working in business intelligence, which was my first off-campus internship/job experience. In August 2015 I went to my first live concert, which was life-changing, and I went to another two in January 2016 and November 2016, and I’ll be going to another one in February 2017. Back in high school I traveled with my swim team and best friend to compete at a meet in Bangkok, which I think was one of my favourite meets in my seven years of competitive swimming. In September 2013, I started blogging and by some miracle am still doing it. Even with this list, I think I’m probably still missing a ton of favourite moments and accomplishments!

2 What do you worry about and why?

Getting a job after college. I’m a computer science and linguistics double major, so you’d think that I’d be set, but during my studies, I’ve found that even though I’m interested in computer science, I’m not all that interested in software engineering. And what makes me nervous about that is that all the computer science courses offered at my college are geared towards software engineers. I’m more interested in graphic design and front end design. Sometimes I wonder whether I should have just taken art courses with a focus on technology rather than technology courses with a focus on art. Right now I’m too far into my studies to not continue with computer science, but I’m going to try to be more active in finding opportunities to gain design experience.

And sometimes at my lower moments, I worry about whether I'm a good person, a good friend. When I'm in school, sometimes the stress catches up to me; I'll feel too wrapped up in my own world, and then I'll worry that I'm not contributing to the greater world, or even to the people in my personal life. I'll wonder, "What am I doing studying computer science? Why don't I just make art and make people feel things--good things?" Sometimes I feel so tired, like wherever I go I'm just sucking the energy out of the atmosphere. But on a happier note, I've just started a new semester at school, and I'm feeling reenergized and excited for what's coming. I'll be reminding myself as often as possible to make time for the people I care about.

3 Who has inspired you in your blogging experience?

I’ve been following The College Prepster for as long as I could remember. I love how she keeps it casual and has a mix of personal life updates, travel posts, fashion posts, and other lifestyle posts. A new follow of mine has been Love Taza. I love her documentation style of blogging and how she shares special moments with her beautiful family. Her kids are so energetic and filled with adventure and wonder, which I find is just as inspiring as her and her blog.

4 – What would you advise any young girl out there?

• Try as many things as you can.
• Read.
• Depending on how young we’re talking, read Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay.
• But also just read in general.
• And also: “You don’t have to play masculine to be a strong woman.” -Mary Elizabeth Winstead

5 – What do you appreciate in a good film?

A good soundtrack. Hans Zimmer is my all time fav. I also appreciate visually stimulating films and pretty colours.

6 – What is a thought that you have when you’re out?

Well, lately I got a new pair of heeled over-the-knee boots that I love, but I’m still trying to get used to the heel, so I’m often thinking about how I walk (no dragging! straight! with purpose! and quietly!). Haha but hmm what else. I’m often taking in my surroundings and looking for visual stimulation and potential photoshoot locations. But if I’m traveling somewhere new by myself, I get travel anxiety, so in that case I’ll most likely be running a map and schedule through my head.

7 Who do you look up to?

My friends. I’m in love with them. Every day I find myself at random points in the day thinking, “wow I love this about you,” “I want to be more like you,” “you’re a fantastic human being,” “I’m so glad we’re friends,” and/or “how did I get so lucky?” They’re smart. Clever. Sometimes dumb. Thoughtful. Kind. Strong. Driven. Funny. Random. Understanding. Quirky. Unique. I could go on and on, although I don’t think you could see my friends just from me listing a bunch of adjectives. I’d have to list each name one by one and then give you several specific things about each of them that I love, which would take way too long. But I’m sure you have this same feeling about your friends and get what I mean when I say I look up to my friends!

8 What topic in the world are you really passionate about? What do you want others to know about it?

Asian/Asian-American representation! Representation is so important. There are so many ways to show support by consuming, creating, sharing, etc. The most avid way that I’ve been showing my support lately has been by reading books by Asian/Asian-American authors or books that feature Asian/Asian-American characters (even if they’re not about Asian/Asian-American identity).

I hope you enjoyed this first Tea With ... series and enjoyed reading Audrey's amazing answers as much as I did!

Until then – stay groovy,

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