Photo Palette: Vietnam some time ago


Vietnam, on the way to and inside of Da Lat, some time ago (I think it might have been 2013 but my memory sucks. Which is also why I don't remember the names of these places at all). I've been on the road with my family for a day or two or more in a caravan just driving towards mountains and through forests and packed streets of Vietnam. I miss it so I'm posting this photo palette.

A huge, cute park with a lot of symbols for love that we stumbled across on our way to Da Lat. 

I think we were on our way to get ice cream from the other side of the street. Blurry model: my younger cousin.

We went to a water park for a short time and I happened to be very fascinated by this huge fish not moving an inch.

My little baby cousin being playful on some benches in a park where I got bit by a hundred mosquitos.

I was sitting on the back of my cousin's motorbike and looking over the lake in the middle of Ha Dong's city. 

My aunt and baby cousin waiting for the rest of the family to get ready for our little adventure.

Pictures by: me
Edited with: Lightroom

Have you been to Vietnam? Are you planning on going? Did you ever just spend days in a caravan driving from one sleeping place to another?

Until then – stay adventurous,

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