On Changing My Name Online — Using a pseudonym


I am causing confusion at the moment by changing my name on my blog, my Disqus, my e-mail and on my Wattpad account.

Instead of my former nickname that I've been called for so long, I decided to go with a pseudonym because I am going into self-publishing and because I want to remain somewhat anonymous in case I reach a broader audience at one point. I wanted to go with my pseudonym a long time ago as I feel like my life and my blogging / writer personality seem to differ on some level but since some of you already knew me as that nickname before I even took on blogging seriously, I didn't want to change it or confuse you. But now I've decided to officially go with the name Arden Moore online and for writing matters.

I don't mind if you guys find my personal accounts and follow me, changing my name is just a personal matter and I know I can count on the people who know about my blog and my books to not "expose" me or whatever.

This was just a post to explain my decision and I hope you understand. I thought I owe you guys this explanation since this blog's readership is growing every day. Which I am so grateful for! 

Again, thank you for reading and understanding! 

Until then - stay cozy,

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