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– I've decided to go with a pseudonym! More on the change here.
– Currently in exam stress and basically pre-writing most of my posts. The workaholic got ahead of me and now I'm in bed with a huge red spot between my eyebrows, an indicator for stress. Isn't that so great?Reading your comments to wind down help me stay sane, actually.
– I've completely changed the way I plan and organise my daily life, tasks and events. I don't think I've ever written a post solely about organising. So the post is coming up soon!


My Netflix game is strong in the background while taking notes for uni and revising at home.

  • Lie To Me – a crime show with pretty interesting studies on facial expressions and body language
  • iBoy – a Netflix original film
  • Jane The Virgin – I love this show to pieces. Everything about it is so fun, the cast, the narrator, the plot. So much love. 


I publicated a playlist of mine that I put together some time ago. It is Missing Wanderer inspired and I thought you'd like it on a hike or whilst planning your next trip!


  • Here are five things you should be doing to boost your blog's popularity! Thought this was post was clever. 
  • This is why you can't afford to travel and how you can change it. This is something I have to keep in mind definitely. 
  • Rebecca wrote a post about dealing with worry and being an overthinker which I found so accurate. 
  • Since January is coming to an end, here's a post about staying motivated beyond January and let's be real, we all probably should read it. 

Until then – stay cozy,

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