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Nope, not my boyfriend. Boy, I wish. It's Exo's Byun Baekhyun and I like him on my lockscreen because he makes me happy. GROW UP, HANNIE. 

In the life

– Exams are coming up so there's not much happening that I could elaborate on much. I'm continuing with therapy and filling out all kinds of forms to figure out what's wrong with me, basically. I feel much better regarding me being sick for weeks and I'm getting back into writing and updating my stories on Wattpad and feeling pretty productive.
– Oftentimes I find myself writing instead of studying for my exams which is great and a curse at the same times because Hannie, what are you doing? You should be studying, instead you're feeling super inspired to be writing. I wish the writer in me would pick better timing. 
– I purchased a daily planner which I'm excited about and am currently waiting for it to arrive. A full post about it will be up soon! I'm getting pretty good at organizing my duties and sorting out my life which is a mess. 
– I am currently recording covers and podcasts with my new Blue Yeti and am excited to start my Soundcloud account for that. Be on the lookout! 
– I realized that I have to get out more and make more plans with people. I've been isolating myself, taking being introverted as an excuse and then feeling lonely and depressed. I'm starting to get out more on my own terms and upping my socializing skills because that is what I lack. If you'd be interested in a post on this, let me know in the comments and I'd love to write about it. 


On the search for the perfect lip stick for me (I am quite picky and don't actually know anything about lipsticks, nor do I use them often but I do look for great shades and consistencies a lot) I came across the Stylenanda 3CE Matte Lip Stick in the shade 'Warm & Sweet' by Lily Maymac. I absolutely adore Lily and have always loved her lip sticks so I'd decided to purchase one of those that she had been promoting. I'm in love with the shade and the package is so cute.


  • C2C's Down The Road was playing at a friend's birthday party last night and I loved the vibes. 
  • Stay by Blackpink is a wonderful song that I, to be frank with you, only listen to covered by A.C.E. once again. I recorded a cover for this so naturally I've been listening to it a lot. Hopefully I'll be able to put the cover up soon.


As I'm currently not allowing myself to watch any shows because of my tight schedule where I must. not. procrastinate, I've been only allowing myself to watch Storytime YouTubers for entertainment, like:
  • Natalia Taylor
  • Nikki Glamour
  • HeyParis

All of these gorgeous ladies have interesting, juicy stories to tell and I enjoy listening to their talking a lot. Even though Nikki and Paris are more of the louder people, I definitely adore how hilarious they bring their stories across. 


How has your week been? What does the next week have in plans for you? 

Until then – stay groovy,

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