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With the sun rising late and setting early, this depressing weather can taint your mood easily. I know it does for me. Little things add up, don't they. Generally happy people are not happy all the time. Stuff happens, we get caught up, we get upset, we toss and turn and forget about the really important things in life. Here's what could help you put you in a better mood. 

Stop thinking in terms of "should"

Thinking in terms of 'should' will ruin a lot of things for you, frankly. You're putting pressure on yourself and that will make you feel anxious about yourself and your circumstances. Let it all happen. Heck, don't even have expectations and try to make the best out of everything as it happens. Don't put yourself down because you think you should do this or be that.

Think of the bigger picture

In many situations we tend to be blind when it comes to 'ways out' or other perspectives because we feel like we're in a pit and we feel bad and there's no way out of it. This is why I like talking to people about my situation because most of the time they provide me with other points of views and other perspectives that I can consider. Starting to distance yourself from your situation and taking a look on it from a further perspective will truly put things into perspective. Talk about it. Write pro and contra lists. Think about what advice you would give yourself if you were your friend.

Show gratitude

What helped me a lot (and I didn't think it would) when I was going through a heartbreak was telling everyone I loved that I loved and appreciated them. I texted and called them and made sure they knew that I was glad to have them in my life. Their responses very incredibly sweet and uplifting so that I started to realize how much positivity I'm actually surrounded with and I just didn't see. Show gratitude for everything that is positive in your life. You'll come to realize that these things and these people weigh more than the negative things if you were to balance them on a scale.

Look for positive things

Don't surround yourself with negativity. Get out of town for a while if you feel like the town you live in right now is filled with negative thoughts and situations. One of my guy friends had a couple misfortunes happening in his town and told me that it is now tainted with so many mishaps that he constantly felt like he was drowning in negativity. I told him to get out of town and visit his parents, his old friends, go on a trip or a vacation. So get out of the negative zone if you can. Do the things that you love. Watch what you love. Listen to what you love. Meet up with friends that make you feel good.

Get in a work out

A work out can be a great distraction and really get that blood pumping. You'll let go of the energy that is bundled up in yourself that negative thoughts often suppress. Go for a run, do pilates or cardio, dance around for 20 minutes ... You get the gist. And after that have a nice long shower.

Help others

Even though I'm down on my own, I'll feel good when helping others with their problems and at least listening to their problems. Friends have told me how grateful they were when I got around to their house when they called me when they were upset. Knowing that you were there for your friends and did them good is a wonderful feeling that instantly makes me feel better, for them and about myself.

Take a nap

Negativity can have many factors and a big one is anxiety that I face a lot these days. I'm not really sure why but sometimes you just feel overwhelmed and done with. Sleeping it out helps me sometimes.

Write down negative thoughts

I can't support this one enough: Start journaling! It doesn't have to be a permanent, constant routine. Jot down your negative thoughts. Jot down anything and let your mind wander. Even if there's nothing you feel like it's worth jotting down. Just do it and at some point you'll be rambling and rambling and letting go of the thought clutter in your brain. Let it go.

What do you do when you're down and trying to feel better again?

Until then - stay cozy,
Hannie Arden

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