Small Changes That Will Connect You To Your True Self


Do you ever feel like you're kind of ignoring yourself and pushing yourself too hard? You'll notice in the long run and one day you find yourself exhausted, not only physically but mentally as well. Sometimes we dissociate ourselves from our true, inner voices to hurry after our schedules and tests and responsibilites in life. Maybe you don't even really know who you are and are trying to figure it out.


I always preach about meditating because I relax the best with this procedure. But it's not only to let loose of emotions and worries, there's also this method where you hold onto your thoughts and not just shake them away. Let your thoughts run through your head until they come at you one by one, and just let them. Let yourself really think about things. Even if the thoughts hurt and you really don't want to think about them. Let them sink in. And let the next thought come around. Once no thought comes at you anymore, you will know your current situation and mood better and understand which thoughts stir you or bother you the most.


Start journaling! Even if you don't get to write every day, having a journal when you need to vent or rant is amazing. You can use your note app on your phone for texts, too. Fairly easy, isn't it? Write your thoughts down as if you were suffering from brain-diarrhea and let it out. It doesn't have to make sense and you don't have to explain or restrict or justify yourself. Read it back a day, a week, a year from now. You'll see how you change and grow every day and what you used to think about life and how your view shifted.


Sometimes the books you like the most are those that had the biggest impact on you. That says something about you. Also reading can help finding yourself since at times you can't put your feelings into words or understand them properly but instead you will nod at someone else's words.

Say yes to experience

Try out new things and explore what you like and dislike. Do things you haven't done before. Be more spontaneous. And then see for yourself what kind of person you are. What your preferred environment is, whether you actually like partying or prefer staying home with friends and a glass of wine instead. You don't really need a big revelation to realize what your true self is. It's the smaller things, the things you touch on step by step.

What's your true self? What does it tell you?

Until then - stay groovy,

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