Realistic New Year Resolutions


A new year, a new beginning, reset button, yes, blah blah, we've all heard this before. We feel like we have to change things and do things we never got to do and we want to push ourselves to do more, be more in the new year. And do we achieve all of those resolutions?


No, seriously... Do we?

Well, I've got a list of some resolutions that I set for myself for this year and I think they're pretty damn realistic. And I say that as someone who has had resolutions every single year that were forgotten on the 1st of January each year. My bad.

  • Clear out my wardrobe. It's time.
  • Limit my takeaway and pizza order consumption to once a week.
  • Express my gratitude more.
  • Set up a regular saving account and save a small amount of money each month because I know I'll pat myself on the shoulder for it.
  • Travel. Go on trips, even if it's to the next neighbourhood or the next small city.
  • Actually use those coupon cards.
  • Get new lovely bed sheets because I'm a sucker for those and need new ones.
  • Walk and bike more.
  • Set a timer for the perfect tea temperature and never forget to drink tea while it's still warm again.

What are your most realistic resolutions for the new year?

Until then – stay consistent,

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