How To Get Over An Unproductive Day


We all have unproductive days. Totally normal. Totally fine! Maybe something happened and threw your schedule out of the window for a bit. Maybe you've been feeling ill. It can be tough to get back on track, especially when you beat yourself up for being unproductive. I know I do. So here's what you do after a totally unproductive day.

Early Bird

Once you realize you wasted your day away, make it a point to wake up earlier the next day and have an early start. You don't have to dive straight into work. Get ready, eat breakfast, read a good book, start the day on a positive note. Don't approach it with the stress of catching up with your tasks, instead slowly prepare and get ready.

Don't Dive

Don't spread yourself too thin by trying to tackle everything. Make a plan and spread your tasks throughout the week. You could work a little longer on some days but don't try to get everything done by one day. If you attempt to and don't get everything done in one day, you'll be more likely to throw off your schedule again. You'll feel as if you have failed yourself and that will get you back to the unproductive mode.


Yes, you read that right. Clear the clutter. Tidy up your space, your desk. Take out the trash, wash the dishes, put everything in the right place, water your plants. Once you're doing something so productive physically, you'll get in the mental productive mood for your actual tasks, too. I found that it really helps me. I often just wake up, wash up and then start tidying my flat, then head straight for my desk, sit down and dive into work. The hardest part is to actually start getting active so I think putting away that stuff on your floor first is a great start.


If you've been a potato all day before, make it a point to do some workout today. It doesn't have to be anything heavy, some pilates and stretches will suffice. The key is to be active again and not just stay in bed. If you feel like it, get some fresh air and go for a walk or a run outside.

Hope this was somewhat helpful, I know I've had the struggle before multiple times and I absolutely hate feeling so unproductive and lazy (which has only worsened since it's winter). What's your input?

Until then – stay active,

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