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Now an adult, Leon wakes one morning to find his wife Natalie hastily packing a bag. Bruised and evidently scared of him, Natalie runs out of the door and disappears. Confused about what's happened, Leon begins to wonder if his night-walking has started again. Fitting a motion-activated camera to his forehead to record what he does when he sleeps, Leon makes a shocking discovery. There's a hidden door in his apartment which he never knew about. As he descends into a nightmare somewhere between sleeping and walking, Leon discovers that there's a fine line between reality and dreaming – but sometimes waking up isn't an option...

I only read it once but it looks like I've been tossing it here and there for years.

The Nightwalker was new to me and its synopsis immediately drew me in which made me buy the book eventually. I started reading it on my way back home and even missed my tram stop when its tale that was so twisted and addictive totally captivated me.

The story displays Leon as a well-adjusted adult who had put his with insomnia tainted past behind him – until his wife and he move into a new flat and everything begins to fall apart. They're on the verge of giving up on their life as wife and husband and after a disturbing incident, his wife disappears and leaves Leon confused.

The story then grew dark and twisted as Leon tries to find out what he does in his sleep with help of a motion-activated camera that he fits onto his head before going to sleep. What happens then had me wanting more and more as the suspense became delicious. I mean this story made me forget eating dinner, wanting to read on until I knew what happened. Did he hit his wife? If he did, why would he do that in his sleep? Is he being violent while sleepwalking, as if his sleepwalking self was a different person?

With Leon, the author gave us an unreliable, utterly confused and anxious narrator which made it interesting and gripping for the reader to want to read on and explore Leon's thoughts as he slowly starts to lose it. Not only is Leon likeable enough, he is also only giving us rough perceptions on what the secondary characters are like which makes it even more clever since I found myself suspecting multiple times who was to trust and who wasn't.

The story grew really dark at times and there are definitely passages containing violence – if you needed a warning, this was it.
While reading this story, you'd find yourself uncertain if things are actually happening or not. I'm being absolutely honest when I say I was confused a lot of times, trying to figure out whether Leon was dreaming, hallucinating or whether the things were actually happening. So there were a lot of WTF thoughts that drove me on and on until the last page – unable to see plot twists coming.

The ending left me with goosebumps and a lasting expression on my face what my sister would now call a "What the hell am I going to do with my life now"–face.

A truly interesting, and probably controversial book that I had to write a review about. If you crave a dark suspension driven thriller, this is it. It's also available on Audible if you'd fancy listening to it.
Have you read the book or have you heard of it? What do you think? (Please don't leave any spoilers in the comments – I'm open for those who want to discuss the book with me, though! I'm always available via E-Mail!)

Until then – stay on the look-out,

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