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First things first, I thought I'd tell you that living consciously will be a major part of this blog and I hope that you'll enjoy reading about it, as well as practicing it with me! I am also beginning to feel like maybe building a little community isn't impossible with Missing Wanderer. I've realized that with this, I'm reaching out to many people, not only mutuals but also interested people. So I find that super interesting -- which only added to my wish to create a little community around here. But more about that coming soon.

Back to living consciously: I found that a big part of turning to conscious living was to realize what my money was worth, what my purchases were worth and what work is put into things that I purchase.

After watching documentaries and going to my local museum that had a whole segment about fast fashion, I was deeply moved and started digging more into the fashion industry.

And I took a look at my wardrobe. And then I not only started to declutter and giving things away, I also stopped shopping at bigger brands and instead turned to second hand stores and thrift shopping.
I'm not saying I'm a saint and I only own thrifted items and only wear those but I'm trying to do better. And to be honest, thrift shopping isn't all too bad! If anything, there's so much positivity coming with it that I feel better after every purchase. And not just because I'm bringing some cool new items back home!

You could find awesome gems!

When I found my last few items that I brought home with me with the biggest smile, I kept thinking to myself "How hasn't anyone picked this up yet?". You could find designer clothes or other really cool gems you couldn't find anywhere else with your budget. An example would probably be my super handy handbag that I thrifted last time and featured in my Handbag Essentials post here.

It's definitely affordable!

Now thrift stores are known for cheap stuff and for a college student who needs the money for bills, tuition and other priorities, this comes in handy when on the look-out for new clothes. And the less the things cost, the more you can spend, the bigger the bags, right? I mean why would I buy a shirt that costs about 20€ in one shop when I can have two shirts, a sweater and awesome shorts for the same amount of money from a thrift store?

Quality value

Just because the clothes are cheap, doesn't mean their quality is! More than anything, I found gems with great quality mostly in thrift stores.
And thrift stores aren't just selling old clothes that were thrown away. They're checking the quality thorougly before selling them.

You'll find mostly hidden treasures that are just one of a kind!

It's rare to find one piece twice in a thrift store. Which is freaking awesome in my opinion (not very much so when you'd love this certain piece in another size). This will give you that special something because you're not likely to see anyone else walking around the town with the same outfit. You can create your very own style and since you never know what you'll find, you might find something you never thought you'd need.

It's good for the environment!

Re-using something that has already been used instead of letting it being thrown away is a super green thing to do. Not only do you actively choose not to support shady cooperations and brands who employ in horrific working conditions but you also support ethical clothing and acknowledge how much of toxic pesticides, chemicals and water is being used with the production of clothing.
If you would like to take a look at a list of ethical clothing brands, find this list by Patti from Shifting Tales here.

Thrift stores are great for collectors!

There aren't just clothes, you'll definitely find books, CDs, old records, cassettes, mugs, scarves, paintings, movies, jewellery and much more you can look through. It's definitely worth it to just have a look around.

Thrift stores help the community.

Whilst thrift shopping, you help give back to local communities. Many thrift stores are run by nonprofit, charitable organisations that also pull their double duties to provide other needed services for the community. Shopping at these stores will keep them in business, especially for the benefit of low-income households and others in need.

And last but not least, thrift stores let you recycle your own clothes.

Now I don't think all thrift stores do this but I do know of some that do, based on commissions of course. Instead of throwing them away or anything, your clothes can definitely find a second home in thrift stores.

Do you ever go to thrift stores? What are you most amazing finds so far?

Until then - stay conscious,

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