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Welcome back to the blog! I'm here with a November Q&A, why? Because every month this will be a thing. You get to ask me questions about me, I'll answer them. So lovely Nana from nominated me for a Liebster Award a day back or two and of course I am accepting and I feel really flattered that she thought of me. Since I made a Liebster Award post not too long ago, I thought I would answer her questions in a Q&A instead. Hope this is okay, Nana!

01. What do you love most about yourself?

I love that I'm constantly growing to become a better person. I love that I am a good listener and care a lot about people like it's my nature. I love about myself that I'm small so guys can give me piggyback rides when I want them to, just kidding. And I love about myself that I have a great taste in music. Answering this question actually makes me smile right now. We never think enough about the things we are good at or what we do well and swell on our insecurities. If you're reading this right now, comment three things you love about yourself down below! :-)

02. What is one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for you?

There are so many nice things that people have done for me (I don't deserve them) that it feels unfair to only name one case. Let's say I appreciate when people try to cheer me up when they notice that I'm unhappy whilst I try to cover it up. I appreciate when people plan birthday parties for me when I tell them I don't think my birthday is so important and I'm not going to celebrate it and when friends from out of town surprise me by coming to uni and calling me to come downstairs. I appreciate when people show small and big signs that they care about me.

03. What is one of the nicest things you've ever done for anyone? How did you feel?

Whenever I leave positive feedback on people's writing, they get so happy and I love that I made someone smile. How I feel about it when that happens? I get so happy and feel better about myself instantly. That goes for any kind of compliment. So compliment one another more. Seriously!

04. What is your all-time favourite song, and why?

Queen's Don't Stop Me Now must be my all-time favourite song. I grew up with this song and still almost cry when I hear it play in a bar. It's beautiful. Everything about the song is. It's connected with so many memories and emotions that I never skip it even once.

05. What is the most daring or craziest thing you've ever done?

Most daring thing would be having boyfriends behind my strict father's back. That was like, really daring to me, lol. I just realized that I haven't really done anything shitbat crazy which means I should absolutely change that!

06. When was the last time you laughed so hard your stomach hurt and tears came out?

I always laugh so hard about insiders so it's too complicated to even attempt to explain what it was but it was on my birthday with fellow guy friends from uni. They were having verbal jokes and just cracking each other up. I'm sure I spit out my burger at some point. And I couldn't drink water for a few minutes because I didn't want to spill it.

07. Who is your favourite teacher, and why? (could be anyone, not just teachers in school)

My favourite teacher was my music teacher from High School who is now the leader of our chamber choir. He's cool and hilarious and feels somehow like a father figure to us since he tries hard to keep us together and supports the talent of our singers. He's open but has strong opinions and he's not afraid to say them. He's so passionate and has a great taste in music which he then plays during our breaks during choir camp. He tears up when he thinks of having to shut down the choir for any reasons. I never told him how much I appreciated him as a teacher and our guide but I will show him by making him proud with great performances.

08. What do you think happens after death?

I will be put to sleep. For eternity. I will exist in the universe as some kind of spirit. My power, my existence, my being will be unseen. Not living, not dead, just like a star in the sky.

09. In your opinion, how does a girl respect her own body?

She will find things she loves about it and she'll learn to wear things she wants to wear and not care about what other people think. Beauty standards are misconceptions by society that awaken nothing but insecurities. Look how hot you are! Those cute dimples and those adorable freckles. And the stretchmarks? No boy or girl will care when they feel the electricity while getting in touch skin to skin. Respect yourself and your body, girl!

10. What is a book you read that changed you or made a big impact on your life? (or your fave books)

I think all books I read and learned to love changed something within me, whether it was an opinion or a point of view on life and its companions. So ultimately they would have an impact on my life in some way. I think the books that really had an impact on me were Perks Of Being A Wallflower, Everything I Never Told YouForgive Me Leonard Peacock and Me Before You.

11. What is your most precious memory?

This is a hard question. Every single beautiful, grateful, breathtaking and heartwarming moment will be forever imprinted in my mind for good reasons.

Hope you guys are doing well and that you enjoyed this Q&A! I will be making these regularly so if you have any questions in mind, feel free to leave them below for the next one.

Until then - stay groovy,

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