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Turning Twenty

This week I turned twenty years old, had a fancy dinner with my mother and my sister and then went for some drinks. I didn't drink too much since I had appointments and uni on the next day but it was a great day nevertheless. The sun was shining, too and the wind wasn't too harsh on me. I'd say it was a pretty good birthday. Lowkey but fun

Happy Thanksgiving

Although we don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in Germany, I thought I would still share what I am grateful for because I love the concept of this holiday. I am grateful for my caring and hardworking mother who always has my back, my sister, my close friends who cheer me up, support me and everything I do, my health during these windy and cold days, I am grateful to be able to study the subject I like and having the opportunity to work as an intern in beautiful London next year.

I am grateful for everything that enables me to write and express my feelings. I am grateful for therapists for being there for mentally exhausted people in need. I am grateful for my favourite artists for existing, putting a smile on my face and blessing my ears with their audible art. I am grateful for drawings and paintings and songs and literature.

What are you grateful for?

Publishing books

This week I officially started working on the publishing process of my first three books that I will put up for sale. It's crazy to think that I'm actually doing this! I mean it has always been a dream and a goal. And even though I haven't been discovered or anything, I found the perfect publishing companies and decided to settle with them.

I am proof-reading, editing and rewriting my mystery / thriller "Loopholes" and putting two of my most cherished and Wattpad "popular" short stories "To Ethan" and "To Aubrey" in one. These two books will be out in February / March.
My anthology "Naked As We Came" on the other hand will already be available in paperback in December. More about that will come as soon as it is out!


My best friend and partner in crime suggested I watch the show Bones since I was already finished with Criminal Minds and was looking for something similarly exciting to watch. The series isn't even completed yet but there are like 11 seasons out so I still have some way to go. I absolutely love this show, as it's interesting, thrilling and the character development of each character is admirable. Their interactions between one another are just funny to watch, too. Crime, comedy and drama in one.


Dodie Clark's (aka doddleoddle from YouTube) has released her first EP and it's called "Intertwined"! I've loved this girl as a musician and as a person for so long and I can't help but feel deep pride for this little bun. Her music is absolutely lovely and my favourite song off the EP would be "When". The lyrics are amazing. #Relatable. And so is the music. And her voice.


What have you been doing this month?

Until then - stay kind,

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