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New categories

I'm currently still working on the new design and content on Squarespace for the new Missing Wanderer blog. Of course all posts will be migrated and my content will be the same as before obviously but there still are going to be some changes that I want to tell you about.

First of all, there's going to be this thing called Letterbox. I'll talk about it a little more once the new blog is online but just before that, I'd just like to tell you that it will exist and that it will be a great thing for Missing Wanderer in my opinion. To keep it short, Letterbox will be an advice column that I will post weekly, which would make my schedule look as follows: 2 regular posts about anything, 1 advice column post, 1 weekly round-up. It's going to be a lot and it's steering towards posting every day which I won't just because I don't think I can manage that many posts as of yet.

About the advice column: it will be based on questions that you, my readers, will send in via contact form. Everyone will stay anonymous in such advice column post. And I am indeed planning on getting back to every single person.

There will be another change. I will add photo diaries which will be tagged in the category Photo Palette. In the category Record Collection I will keep sharing my themed playlists to you. Any recommendations, favourites, new-ins and books will be tagged in Bits & Bobs. And all my thoughts and unpopular opinions will be tagged under Ramblings.

Anyway, I am very excited for the move and I'm happy to see that you all are as well!

About Twitter & Things

Maybe you already follow me on Twitter but if you don't, maybe give it a little think before you do because I did decide to give out my "personal" Twitter instead of a "business Twitter" created for my blog solely. There's not much of a reason behind that. It's just that rather than a brand of some sorts, I see myself as a person who is who she is and isn't afraid to show that. So I'm not closing myself off and pretending to be all in order when I'm not. So that's basically why I'm giving you my personal Twitter account where I can be rather, very personal and appear to be quite unfiltered, let's say. I hope you don't mind. Because I really don't want to hold myself back or think about how I come across on Twitter.

And people might ask how I feel about the whole world being able to read about my life and my deepest secrets. But to be honest, what I tell on here isn't everything at all. It can get rather personal like here but you won't know every little thing about me and there's loads I don't talk about on here. But when I do, I don't mind that much. It just feels like having a bunch of online friends knowing about me. And that's pretty freaking cool.

  • I've been obsessed with Bob Dylan again lately. Ever since I went out with a bunch of new people from college and one girl kept wishing for classic 70s, 80s and 90s in that one bar, I fell in love again. 
  • One of my favourite K-Pop sub-units CBX (from EXO) released their first mini album called Hey Mama recently and it's so funky, does really give me the 60s and early Michael Jackson vibes. 
  • In fall, I always listen to Lewis Watson's "the morning" album. It's become a ritual. 
  • Also Taeyeon's new song 11:11 is super dreamy and I keep listening to it on repeat.


What have you been enjoying this weekend?

Until then - stay cozy,

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