Ways To De-Stress


Sometimes life gets a little bit too much. Stress at your work place or at uni can quickly turn into personal stress and take up your daily life. Everyone needs to unwind sometimes and that is totally okay. Remember that it's not a shame to pass up on social events or parties sometimes to recharge for your own healthy mental being. Oftentimes we don't even realize that we're stressed but soon find ourselves ticking off about any- and everything.

These are some ways that will hopefully help you unwind.


Take some time off your day unplugging from all devices. Get yourself some me-time and switch off your laptop, your phone, anything that will distract you or cause additional stress even. Seriously, turn that all off. I spent a week without wi-fi and without any device for games of any sort once when I was on holiday with my family at the Baltic Sea and I can only say it's the best feeling to be away from all devices for a while. Even though I can't always afford to be unplugged for such a long time because of my schedules and uni but it already helps for a few hours in your day.

Stay positive

Constant whining and nagging won't make you feel better at all. Sure, it's totally normal to vent about whatever is upsetting you but whining about your ridiculous amount of workload that you still haven't started yet is not going to make that workload go away on its own and disappear just because you whine about it. Instead, get that positive perspective and think about it in another way: "Once I get that done, I'll be done with it for a long time" or "Once I'm finished, I'll be able to relax with a nice movie". If you need the motivation, don't drag your spirit down by constantly whining about it. In the end you'll be so content with yourself.


A great way to get off some steam is exercise. May it be simple yoga or running around the blocks, it'll help with the heart pumping, your health in general and your freeing mind. It'll seriously do you good. I know for a fact that yes, you might dread exercise of any kind but once you get to it, it does make you feel great afterwards!

Take a long bath

Long baths are my favourite things when it comes to unwinding and relaxing. Get those lush bubble bath bombs, set some candle lights, turn on some mellow music or turn on a nice show or even enjoy the bath in silence.

Keep your room/flat tidy

I can't be the only one who feels so much better and at ease after tidying my flat or room or work space. Everything seems so much more "in order" and "settled" that it does help with reducing the stress you're feeling. I hate coming home to a messy flat because I already know while stepping in that I won't be able to find anything in my mess, that I'll have to tidy everything up eventually and that I'll feel dirty and unsettled while attempting to study or write. Nah, that doesn't work for me. If anything, mess will increase my stress so I get rid of the mess that I can get rid of at least. That's definitely a start.

What else?

Read your favourite book / Watch your favourite film / Spend time on your hobbies /

Put on calming music / Meditate / Vent to someone / Watch some youtube videos

Get more sleep / Go for a walk / Go on a long drive / Avoid too much caffeine

Can you guys relate? What do you do to unwind and de-stress? Do let me know in the comments and tell me if you do any of these things!

Until then - stay cozy,

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