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Job interview

I've been on the lookout for part-time jobs that would fit well with my resume and I finally scored one in the hotel industry in this beloved town of Dresden. Some of you know from my last Fin Of The Week that I pushed myself to do some networking at a job fair and I already received a call. Happy go lucky, I walked into my job interview rather confidently and was greeted by my excitement about finally possibly working at a hotel as pretty and big. I'd never worked at a hotel before so that was quite exciting and promising.

Life is strange

I don't know about you but recently I've been into watching my favourite youtubers play through this game called Life Is Strange and oh my goodness, did I fall in love with the plot and the soundtrack! If you're into Indie and enjoy Angus & Julia Stone, I definitely recommend the soundtrack which you can find here. I am seriously still obsessing over this game, it's still on my mind and it kind of freaks me out because it was just a game but damn it did leave a mark on me. So basically it's about a girl who goes to Blackwell Academy, a boarding school in Arcadia Bay. She loves photography and came back to town after 5 years where now she meets her estranged best friend. One day she realizes that she has the power to rewind time and is out and about to find the missing girl who vanished all of a sudden, Rachel Amber.


Some of you may be familiar with Dodie Clark, or Doddleoddle on YouTube, and know that she makes music and is known for her soft voice and catchy yet laid back and cute melodies. She's got to be one of my favourite musicians out there in her field and I was so excited when I heard that her EP is going to be out soon! I legit freaked out because I already know I will be listening to it non-stop. She also recently made her original song Sick Of Losing Soulmates available on Spotify and it's been playing since forever. This woman never fails to amaze me and is rather frankly my aspiration to be doing music and singing.


Lush - Happy Happy Joy Joy. This is a conditioning hair perfume that leaves my hair smelling fabulous for weeks! When I first got it in London for my hair treat in their shop, I fell in love with the smell and the light feeling of my hair. I'm still in love with it and constantly content with how awesome I smell all day!

Yves Rocher - Mango Coriander Bath Shower Gel. I've been in love with this shower gel recently. It smells amazingly and let's just say I was struggling with picking the shower gel as Yves Rocher's range is gorgeous and I spent hours in it. A seperate blog post about this plantbased, no animal testing brand will be up soon!

What have you been loving this week?

Until then - stay cozy,

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