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Hello my lovely readers! I'd love to introduce to you a new series on my blog that is called Fin Of The Week which will basically be a weekly roundup of what I've been up to, what's been happening, what I've been liking. I thought this would be a great way to reflect on the little details and events during the week that usually just rush past me like they never happened or weren't that significant when I know they are.

Getting back into the uni lifestyle

So my third semester has officially started this week and I think I told you this before but I actually changed university. I'm still majoring in Tourism and Event management, I only changed the facility I'm studying in. I haven't been too content with my former uni so I thought it was time to move on rather than whine about it all the time. So this is a new beginning for me - a new, fresh and exciting new beginning.

I definitely have to work on my habits, though, since three months of semester break have been too long and I got so much less productive in that time. Shame on me, seriously! But I'll get back to it now that I have lectures and homework and a study load again. Not gonna lie, I actually do enjoy learning and studying. It's just the stress that I cause myself by procrastinating that makes it unbearable and annoying.

Maintaining long distance friendships

This week I reunited with one of my closest friends and it felt so good to have her back in town. I used to have many long distance friendships but most of them slipped away, as it always happens. But now that I'm growing up and learning things about myself and the relations we build with other people, I can say that I do my best to maintain friendships that are important to me.

It's crazy to think that I once had a shit load of friends but now I kind of go by the selection principle - get rid of those friends I don't need or who don't need me and don't ever contact me anyway and stay close and active with the ones I do cherish. That can be harder with long distance friends but it is manageable. Both parties just have to pull on the same string.

Hunting for opportunities

With my semesters passing by, I've learned that a huge point in my major is NETWORKING. Making connections with people and brands, companies and hotels so that you are able to have a range of connections later on that could help you with finding a job or more. So this week I attended a job fair that took place at my uni's campus. I printed my CV like 10 times and wore a casual but smart outfit, ready to go and make myself known some more. I am a very quiet introverted person but sometimes I have to push myself and this week I definitely did.

Until then - stay groovy,

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