Waking up to morning mist slowly clearing over my windows, I stretch my arms out in my bed's warm comfort. Tea. Biscuits. Gingerbread. Warm bread from the bakery. Let the breeze wave through the walls of my flat as it says hello to my chilly arms reaching for my favourite sweater. Crisp winds and grey skies, looking down at us, a hazy blur of sunshine peeking through from time to time. Film nights and study sessions. Third semester in college. Catching up with spooky TV shows. Knitwear and halloween vibes. Romantic Korean dramas. Candle lights all day, at all times. Rereading mellow literature. The struggle of deciding which tea to buy this time. Cozy blankets and old books. Cold autumn air for the hazy, clamped mind of a poet. Dripping tones of lovely rain on concrete and wood and sad human skin. Oh, is this autumnal.

Until then - stay cozy,

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