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Today I thought I'd share with you what my baby / phone is all about and which apps I use every day to schedule and organize my life because I'm a messy person like that and suck at adulting. I've got an iPhone 6s in silver and I've got the 64 GB version because I got sick of constantly having to delete things as I take many, many pictures and videos in general specifically and get very sentimental if I ever had to delete something.

It's my alarm, my tracker, my musical companion and my camera whenever I need it. And these are the apps I use. These are a lot. Just saying.

The general stuff

  • I use the Outlook Mail & Calendar the most when it comes to planning and organizing. The first thing I do each morning is check my schedule on the integrated calendar (I used the Sunrise Calendar before which is similar to the Outlook calendar now but it was shut down so they could focus on the Outlook calendar).
    Since my personal and professional e-mail accounts and my calendar are on the same app it is quite practical to use for me. You can add several calendars if you need a division of your calendar into different colours, etc. I have the calendars for events and appointments, for blog updates, for wattpad updates and my general writing schedule, one for uni and one for work so I can have a better overview.
  • I use the Weather and clock apps that were originally on the phone and I think it's self-explanatory why I use them. I have about ten alarms on the clock app, it's ridiculous. And of course I enabled the world clock for Hanoi for my family over there, for London and Los Angeles for friends and other relatives. As for the weather, I find that the Yahoo weather app works great as well.
  • The original map app doesn't work well with me so I abandoned it for the Google maps app that has saved my life so many times as my orientation is very poor most times.
  • For fast note taking I use the Notes app that was already on the phone but I usually migrate them over to Evernote because there's where all my notes go in the end of the day.
  • I'm trying my best to keep track of my finances so I'm using Spendee to help me with that. More on the app and how I keep track here.
  • Eve by Glow is an app where I track my period (but it also tracks ovulation). It's the best app I found yet and I love the community on there, as well as the feature that the app has where you can track your mood and well-being quite easily.
  • For backing up all of my crap I use OneDrive and Dropbox. Very easy to use and practical because I have access to all my documents and media on any device, anywhere. For my pictures I use Google Photos that automatically backs up my photos and videos whenever I have wifi so I can delete anything on my phone and still have it on Google Photos. Unlimited. And for free. I'd say it's great.
  • As I'm the biggest procrastinator I know I decided to make use of Pomodrone and Forest to stay away from my phone and be productive until the timer stops.
  • For everything lists for groceries, shopping or planning trips, I use the Wunderlist. Great and simple, very easy to use and I freaking love the sound it makes whenever I tick something off. So satisfying. 

Trips & Events

  • Lonely Planet Guides: Because I need and like guides wherever I go for a vacation or plan one. Always love myself a clean interface. You can save sights or places by bookmarking them and use maps offline.
  • Booking.com is often used by me especially for searching hotels. As I'm using it often for my internship I've been keeping the site close to me ever since.
  • Couchsurfing is an app to talk to couchsurfers around the world, find a play to stay or offer one at your own place and plan meetups in your city!
  • Eventim is a German app with events of all kinds in my town or surrounding. It notifies my once concert tickets for my favourite artists are out to buy and I often look through musicals and shows on there to see what will be going on in the future. 

The Extras

  • Scanbot is an awesome app that lets you scan and save documents. As I'm not always with my printer and scanner at home I find that this apps makes it so easy to grasp the document in crisp format and I'm therefore able to send the picture just as it is as a scanned document in any file to anyone. Very helpful.
  • Spotify for all the music in all the playlists that I need in my life.
  • LINE Tools is a cute little app by LINE and offers all the extras I need in my life. That includes a ruler, a protractor, a compass, a level, a sound level meter, a stopwatch, a timer, a flashlight, mirror, magnifier for easier view, a QR code reader, an unit converter and size table and the most amazing thing to me: a spaghetti scale!
  • Mindly is an app for beautiful mindmaps that I mostly use for my story plots and characters. I use it on my tablet as well and I just love to use it as it's super simple to use and just very pretty.
  • Banking app & Paypal
  • Public transport

  • Google Translate & Pons Translator
  • Quizlet mainly for uni to study simpler questions or vocabulary on the go.
  • DHL Package Tracking
  • Ebay, Amazon, Etsy and YesStyle for the shopping queen in me.
  • Soundcloud for music and podcasts. 

The social networks

I think these are the most common apps anyone would use. Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Wattpad, Ask.fm, Youtube, Snapchat, .... yeah I use all of them. Probably too much and they probably ruin my life but oh, well.

For editing

  • VSCO has the best, crisp filters and I just adore adore adore it. Best photo editing app in my opinion.
  • Layout from Instagram for the collages that I don't use very often but I keep it for when I do need it. 

All things blogging

  • BlogTouch is the blog post editor app for Blogger.
  • Bloglovin so I can read all of your posts on the go and save them.
  • Disqus so I can read all the comments and reply to them. Joining conversations on there is just so fun.
  • Analytics so I can keep track of those Google Analytics.
  • Pinterest so I can save as many pins I like from Exo save pins of everything I'm interested in, as in art, collage and interior design. 

Wow, that's a lot of apps right there, Arden. What have you become? No wonder you're on your phone all the time. What are your to go apps? Which apps do you use the most? Let me know.

Until then - stay groovy,

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