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The Writer Tag was inspired by the lovely Bee from Vivatramp.
Some of you may know I've been writing a lot ever since I found the platform Wattpad and started to upload several projects of mine online. Some of you had questions about my writing, too so I figured I would answer those questions in this tag as well.

What do you write? What genre? Any reoccuring themes?

I've most possibly tried every genre, I think, but I feel most confident in writing Mystery, Romance and Short stories in general. I like to be vague in some and extremely direct and raw in other parts of my works because I like to move my readers in a certain direction and a realization, and at the same time I'd like my readers to wonder about vague descriptions, I'd like them to figure out and interpret certain things on their own.

What or who inspires you to write?

Honestly, the day to day life and reading books inspires me to write. Inspiration hits me unexpectedly most of the time though, I feel like I can't get motivated or inspired if I make myself plans and schedules. Being inspired to write is pretty much like a "mood" to me.

Where do you write, when and with what?

I mostly write BULKS in coffee shops. It doesn't matter if it's Starbucks or a local independent café. The silent hustle in the background and the mellow songs that are played really do put me into writing mood. I often find myself forgetting about time completely. And who doesn't like a coffee or tea and biscuits while diving into another world? As to when - I write in my free time, if I am feeling motivated and inspired. Sometimes that can be at four in the morning, sometimes it's during lunch time. I can write bulks in one weekend and stop for the next two weeks. Or I write snippets and pieces every two days. It really depends.

If you feel like tagging yourself, feel free to do so, I encourage you to!

Any tips for writer's block?

Writer's block is the worst thing a writer can come across. It's tough and frustrating. But what I do when that happens is to stay away from all my writing and not edit or read through any of my works for a while. And I read a lot. Many other books or stories online. I also like to push myself to at least write about something else. Like poetry or a completely new short story. Or create a whole new plot that I may or may not make use of in the Future. BUT. Don't ever give up.

Anything published yet?

I am currently editing and rewriting three of my works to get them self-published in paperback! The first book is called "Loopholes" and is a mystery and thriller read. The second and third book will be made into one book containing the short story "To Ethan" and its prequel "To Aubrey". You'll find their unrevised versions on Wattpad.

That's it guys! I hope you enjoyed reading a little bit about my writing. Any fellow writers of any kind out there? Let me know in the comments! Do tell me if you decide to join the tag as well.

Until then - stay creative,

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