Probably The Easiest Ways To Lose Weight


Let's face it, many of us are really lazy when it comes to losing weight. Or maybe we just can't lose weight that easily because of our genes or maybe we can't really exercise as much due to lasting injuries. I, for instance, can't ride a bike anymore and I can't sprint or jump anymore as both of my knees have been injured in the past and the pain kind of stays long lasting now. Which sucks, but you know.

The things we all know by now that would help us lose weight are: sports and eating healthy. I don't have to touch on that anymore, do I? But I've been struggling as I started trying out diets and doing more sports because I've either lacked the time or the energy to do so (and my knees, dear god).

So I've been sticking with these steps (whilst doing yoga and pilates at home and taking walks) and I'm proud of myself either way because it did have some effect on my weight and fitness. Keep in mind this is what I do and I cannot promise it will work as well for you as I'm not a professional and everyone's body is different and works differently.

Drink water

See it this way: you shouldn't only drink when you're thirsty. The moment you say you're thirsty is a sign for you to understand that you're not doing a great job on keeping yourself hydrated. Being thirsty is like a warning so treat it like one. You should keep yourself hydrated all the time because that sign - that warning - should not actually appear at all.

I used to drink so, so little. I drink gallons a day now. And yes, you end up going to the bathroom a lot but it's worth it. At my internship I sit by a desk all day and have my water by the desk and a big glass. I keep drinking and getting new water bottles. On the run I keep a water bottle with me and remind myself to drink on the tram, on the bus, while waiting for the tram or bus, while being out with friends.

And I refill my bottle every time I hit the bathroom somewhere. At one point you just get used to it. Staying hydrated is the best thing you can do to your body as it flushes everything out quickly and it's good for your body anyway. This point may be very basic but damn, it's the best advice I could give anyone. It's so simple. Yet effective. And you don't even have to stay with just water, you can add lemon or orange for flavour which is also good for detox.

Also, it's always helpful to "control" your portions when you drink a cup of water before eating.

Downsize your plate

This is optical illusion that works. Put that food on a smaller plate. Yep, that's it. I found that whenever I eat out or have my food on a big plate I tend to want to eat up everything on that plate (because, well, I can). Once I use smaller plates, I'll take longer with eating because I end up "cherishing" the food since it looks so little on the plate and therefore better keep track of when I actually feel satisfied.

Eat slower

As mentioned before, eating slower makes you realize when you're actually already sated. It's because your body takes a little longer to give you a sign that you're sated and meanwhile you still feel as hungry as you were when you started eating so you just stuff yourself. And once you're like "Oh gosh, I'm so full", well, that should be a sign that you've taken it a little bit too far.

Eat less portions but more meals in a day

So most of us probably eat for breakfast, for lunch and for dinner. Those are usually known for the three main meal times. I only started doing this recently but I find it rather logical actually. My way of thinking was this: If I'm hungry, I eat loads because I crave for food the most then. If I'm not that hungry, I eat moderately. I get VERY hungry when I stay with the three big meals a day. And then I eat a lot three times a day. So if there's a way to stop being so damn hungry three times a day, I could start eating moderately at a time.

So I decided that I would eat to 5 meals a day - breakfast in the morning, snack in the morning before lunch, lunch, snack in the afternoon and dinner in the evening - but therefore I would downsize the portions of my meals. As I'm eating more meals a day I won't feel that burning hunger and "control" my portions better. I found this works and I will probably stick with this method for a long time.

I should probably also mention that being healthier for this method is probably better. I'm not dieting much or just sticking to salad or so (I do need my chicken, I'm not willing to let that go) but I do make sure it's the healthy stuff I'm taking in and that the food I take and make is balanced.

Eat bananas or watermelons as snacks

As bananas make me fuller than any other fruit and I like bananas, I like to bring them to work or uni and eat them in breaks. I tend to eat this first thing in the morning, too, ever since I tried out the banana diet (which is basically when you eat two bananas in the morning with a big cup of water and then eat normally for lunch and dinner and just eat bananas as snacks throughout the day). And I just love watermelon. It's refreshing and basically consists of water mostly.

Screw the chocolate or chips (unless you're on your period, then I feel bad for you and you are damn allowed to eat that chocolate bar) and get the fruits out. I also switched to eating more fruit when the time comes where I crave eating because I'm simply BORED.

But then again: eating sweets is not a crime

Treat yourself once in a while. Really. You deserve it. 

Hopefully these were kind of helpful and maybe I even was able to push some buttons (yes, I know some of you out there just cannot start drinking more). What are your top tips for losing weight? Let me know because I'm desperate. 

Until then - stay fit,

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